Truffle Making Classes with Purdy’s Chocolatier

Finding something new to experience for date night, in Edmonton, isn’t difficult. This weekend, we had the chance to experience a truffle making class at Purdy’s Chocolatier, learning interesting facts about the process of refining chocolate, and facts about the store – and getting to try our hand at making truffles, in our own chosen flavours.

To start the class, we experienced a crash course in chocolate from the process starting with the plant to the delicious products we know and love. Then, a quick tasting, where we learned a few new things about how to taste chocolate.


The next step in the class was to choose your flavours for the truffles. There was a great selection of liqueurs and flavourings, like root beer, creme brulee, Bailey’s, coconut rum, raspberry, mint and many more. The creme brulee was a popular choice, as was the traditional Bailey’s.

Here’s where you could get creative, combining flavours together to create something delicious. For our flavours, we chose coconut rum with banana, and mint with creme brulee.

Combining the traditional one part whipping cream, two parts chocolate, we whisked the truffles together, using the provided, pre-filled cups, and learning about the traditional methods used to make truffles, that we could later attempt at home. They’re surprisingly pretty simple, and it’s pretty cool to think about the new flavours that we could come up with, in our own kitchen.


After we finished creating our very own unique truffles, we headed over to the store where we learned about some of the most popular flavours, heard insights from the master chocolate connoisseur and got the chance to sample one of the delicious, top-selling products.

Purdy's Chocolate Truffle Making Class

Tickets for future truffle, bark and chocolate classes in Edmonton visit For a fun event for a group of friends, or a team building event, you can even book a private class, where you can see what new flavours you can come up with.

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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YEGDateNight Team

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