Nando’s Opens in the Brewery District || Contest

The third Nando’s location is open now. The modern and spacious design takes on the aesthetic of other Nando’s restaurants in the city, but has an entirely new take, suited to the area of the city it’s located in, the Brewery District.

To celebrate the opening, we had the chance to tour through the three locations, starting at the Gateway location where we had a chance to sample sangria and some of the new vegetarian options on the menu, continuing on to Claireview where we had a peri-peri making contest, learning about the ingredients of the sauce before attempting to make our own. We finished up the whirlwind tour with a family-style dinner at the Brewery district location of Nando’s.

We learned so much about the restaurant and the culture on the tour, including the fact that the art sourced for each of the locations is created by artists in South Africa, and is purchased by Nando’s from the local community. The next time you’re at one of the locations, look a little closer at the art on the walls around you.

We also learned about the key ingredient in peri peri sauce, the birdseye pepper. Did you know they grow upwards, towards the sun? Not only that, but Nando’s sources the peppers directly from South Africa, and often directly from small farmers that they’ve partnered with for production.

Next time you’re at Nando’s, have a closer look.

CONTEST // Win a Nando’s Canada Prize Package

We’ve teamed up with Nando’s Canada for an exciting contest. We’ve got an exciting prize package, including a gift card for dinner for one reader to win. To enter for your chance to win, head over to Facebook and tag a friend you want to bring with you. Winner will be chosen May 24, 2017, and be contacted via DM. 

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