Grandin Fish n Chips: Banoffee Pie and Fish and Chips on the Patio

It’s been a while since we found ourselves downtown without a plan, and so on a warm Tuesday night when we weren’t in the mood for tacos, we found ourselves on the small patio at Grandin Fish n Chips, drinks in hand, people watching as they walked and drove past the busy street.

Walking into Grandin Fish n Chips, the first thing we noticed is the quaint and inviting space, but there was a picnic table open on the small patio so we quickly decided to head outside.

The shop has been on our ‘to try‘ list since the opening, and we were happy with the selection of drinks on the menu, opting for a local brew ($7) and a craft root beer ($5). We ordered our drinks, and food at the same time, and despite the fact that it had become quite busy in the restaurant, our food arrived quickly.

Our drinks arrived quickly, along with a couple of plates, since it was technically a second supper and we opted to split an order of fish and chips (cod) and add on an extra piece. We’ve heard fantastic things about the sides, and the asparagus that Grandin Fish shared on Instagram had me craving a bit of green-vegetables, but for the first visit, we wanted to stick with the classics: the fish, and the chips.

The fish was crisp, generous in portion size and had a crisp (and tasty) batter that stayed on the fish when you cut it to eat – an important part of good fish and chips. The fries were just as crisp, well-salted and begged for a second order. If you’re not too, too hungry or you want to try a handful of the side dishes at Grandin, I would suggest going this route, adding on a piece of fish to the meal, and sharing.

Banoffee Pie at Grandin Fish and Chips

Banoffee pie ended the meal, as it came highly recommended by friends. To say that I’m a fan of banoffee pie is an understatement, as it might be my favourite-dessert-ever, and I enjoyed the flavours. For my personal preference, it was a bit heavy on the whipping cream and light on the banoffee. That being said, the whipped cream was light, fluffy and not-overly-sweetened, but in the perfect bite, you needed more of the good stuff. For the first few bites, it was hard to find those delicious, delicious banoffee layers – but once you did, it was perfection.

I would order all of it, again, and intend to with friends at lunch next week.

Find Grandin Fish n Chips at 9902 109 Street, and be prepared for a crowd if you’re headed there during lunch or dinner, it’s a pretty popular spot.


YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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YEGDateNight Team

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