Four Date Ideas For Those Times You Just Don’t Feel Like Talking

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I don’t want to talk on a date. Okay, I understand this may sound ridiculous, but hear me out – I bet I’m not alone, here.

Most of us are busy (as in, if busy were a sport, we’d play professionally). Whether it’s the job or kids or some seriously needy in-laws, when the end of the week rolls around, we’re bushed.

Cue date night, and talking can seem like more effort than we’ve got to give. Now, for me at least, this doesn’t mean I don’t want to connect with people – because I do. Yet, sometimes I crave human interactions where forming anything more than a basic sentence is optional.

So, if you get where I’m coming from, check out this list of four, chitchat-optional, date ideas:

1. Live music
No matter what floats your boat, Edmonton’s vibrant music scene offers up an amazing number of quality, live bands to check out. From the deep, soulful tunes heard at Blues on Whyte, to the unique, alternative shows playing at the
Buckingham – you won’t be hard-pressed to find something enjoyable.

2. Rock Climbing
Harnesses, grunting, sweat. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. Visit a drop-in class at Rock Climbing Co. for your next pressure-free date night, where the thoughts will be on making it to the next boulder rather than the conversation. You’ll be surprised how easy the conversation flows, or doesn’t, you might just be too busy to notice.

3. Art class
Whether you’ve been married for years or you barely know your date, an artsy night out is sure to keep the mood light and casual. After all, it’s hard to take yourself seriously when creating something as frivolous as a paper-mache mask or a ceramic dog figurine. Art Gallery of Alberta features an adult-themed art class each month – click
here to book.

4. Wine tasting
Sipping wine makes the list for a couple of reasons: 1. The wine expert does most of the talking, leaving you in charge of the relaxing and 2. Sipping wine will probably lead to an increased desire to talk, eliminating the entire problem this article aimed to solve in the beginning. Wine and Beyond offers deliciously entertaining wine tasting events – check them out here.

What are some of your favourite ways to date without talking?

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight started with a way to inspire ourselves to get out of our dinner and a movie rut. We wanted to share the many things to do in Edmonton and area, with people that may or may not have been under the impression that there's nothing going on in the city. It's grown into the go to place to find out what to do in Edmonton, a space where we share date night inspiration for couples, friends and groups in Edmonton.
YEGDateNight Team

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