Eat This: Fast Southern Delicious at MEAT for Brunch

Move over bacon and eggs, there’s a new staple to our brunch and it comes in the form of biscuits and gravy. Homestyle biscuits to sop up the tangy, sausage gravy served at MEAT is one of the best ways to fill up your belly when you’ve been hankering for brunch for a couple of hours, but have been lingering in bed.


We ordered three plates to share, a combination of the breakfast sandwich, chicken and waffles and the sausage and gravy. The first thing we tried were the hashbrowns, agressively seasoned and salted, but we quickly agreed that they were our favourite in the city, with the crisp outside and delicious flavour. Served with the light breakfast sandwich that had just enough sauce, and a well-cooked egg, it was a combination that left both of us wanting more than a Lion’s share of the sandwich.


Next up, the chicken and waffles. The crisp on the waffle was perfect, great texture and the skin of the chickened, well seasoned. Though I’m more of a boneless chicken with my chicken and waffles, it was very well done and paired well with the great textured waffle.

The biscuits and gravy, for us, were a slow burn. It was one of those dishes that we had to take a few bites of to really determine what we thought of the dish, but once we got into it, the flavours were great, it was nice and hearty and reminded me of the perfect dish to warm you up through those summer months. Biscuits and gravy, we were on to something here, coming in from a walk over to MEAT on a rainy morning.

The clear winning dish, we decided unanimously, was the breakfast sandwich, featuring: the fried egg, house smoked bacon, edam cheese, arugula, tomato and mayo. Delicious with the fried hashbrowns to provide a contrast in freshness and flavour, the fresh bun it was served on was a delicious way to sop up the sauce and yolk, on the sandwich. At $15, it provided a good value for your money, leaving us satisfied, and unable to finish up all of the biscuits and gravy.

The atmosphere is fast-paced at MEAT and we had a fantastic server, who brought our food out quicker than we imagined it would be, fast to fill up our water glasses and chat with us about the weekend.

The fast-paced, bright ambiance of MEAT made us curious to check out the restaurant for dinner, and see how the vibe differs from the fun brunch spot.


Find MEAT at 8217 104 Street.

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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