Escape Room Recap: Visiting Hours at GTFO

You’re restrained before you enter Visiting Hour, and it sets the tone for how the next forty-five minutes are going to go.

We were immediately impressed with how immersive the room was. Immersive in the sense that you really feel like you’re a part of the story, it follows along with one of our all time favourite rooms at GTFO, with a progressive storyline and puzzles that make sense and have a linear flow. Plus, the storyline was captivating and the experience, interesting. This in itself, helps to keep the flow of the room going.

Each puzzle was interesting, and though it’s one of their hardest rooms – we’re experienced enough we were able to get out. I wouldn’t suggest Visiting Hour for your first Escape Room experience, but your fourth, fifth? Give it a try. It was challenging, but not overly that left you wondering what to do next, as those minutes tick away slowly.

The immersive theme and expeirence is what brings Visiting Hour to my top five, and although it’s a common theme in escape rooms, GTFO does it well, as they tend to do. The props, flow, and challenge of the room is top notch. 

In the room, there was one puzzle that had us stumped, a puzzle where all six of us sat there trying to decipher it for five minutes, and it turns out that every single one of us was going in the wrong direction. Like so many escape room puzzles, once you got it, you realized how obvious it was, but up until that point, we just didn’t see it right in front of our eyes.

Our best tip? Go with six –  we brought six people with the group and felt like it was a solid number of people to tackle Visiting Hours, without feeling like there were too many people for the puzzles.

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YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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