Edmonton Escape Room Dates


Breakout Entertainment (West Edmonton)
Rooms: Bomb, Cube, Secret Lab, Mayhem Ranch
Location: 16604 109 Ave
Cost: $23.81

Breakout Entertainment (East Edmonton)
Rooms: Ark, Anna, PVP,
Location: 6111 101 Ave
Cost: $23.81/person

E Escape
Rooms: Sinking Boat, Samara, Held Hostage, National Security, Back to the Future
Location: 10132 105 St NW
Cost: $24.99/person

Escape City
Rooms: Kellers Magic Emporium, The Cabin, The Inheritance, A Great Discovery, Neurological
Location: 5916 104 St NW
Cost: $25/person

Escape Emporium
Rooms: the Swamp, The treasure of the pirate king, the agent, the chamber of the vampire queen
Location: 1103 95 Street
Cost: $25

GTFO Escape Entertainment
Rooms: The Heist, Nightfall, Visiting Hour
Location: 2nd floor, 10018 105 Street
Cost: $25/person
Claim to Fame: Free cookies, you get a souviner photo on your way out

Intrap Entertainment
Rooms: Cell No. 8, Pharaoh’s Treasure, The Haunted Apartment
Location: 10355 Whyte Ave
Cost: $25/person

Logic Lock 
Rooms: Finding Sherlock Holmes, Warehouse of Thieves, Poltergeist
Location: 10336 Jasper Avenue
Cost: $25/person

Sidequests Adventures
Rooms: Abduction, Expedition, Uncle
Location: 10190 104 Street
Cost: $23.81/person

Smarty Pantz 
Rooms: Spies and Lies, Dreamscape, Morning Never Comes, Thirst for Murder
Location: 10524 105 Street
Cost: $25/person
Claim to Fame: Movie theme set quality escape rooms

Thrillscape Edmonton
Rooms: Junior Jones, Jailbreak, Break and Enter, Harvester Hotel
Location: 15397 117 Ave
Cost: $25/person

Time Escape
Rooms: The Imperial Palace, Time Warp, Lethal Virus, Castle Secrets
Location: 10939 120 Street
Cost: $25/person

Which one is your favourite Edmonton escape rooms? Which have you seen to be the most challenging escape room in Edmonton and the one that you left feeling exhilarated that you were able to beat the clock? Use this Edmonton escape room entertainment guide to help you choose your next escape experience.