Edible, Raw Scoops of Cookie Dough are Coming to Edmonton


You know how when you were a kid, you patiently (well, tried to be patient), waited for that last cookie to be dropped on to the tray for baking so could devour the batter on the spoon, from the bowl…

Who are we kidding, we still do it. 

That’s why we were so excited to hear that Cookie Dough YYC, the makers of the edible cookie dough scoops, is bringing the delectable dessert idea to Edmonton. We’re so excited that it’s made it to the top of our ‘What we’re excited to eat list’ when you can find it locally, in May.

From dough-wiches, that are like ice cream sandwiches, but more delicious, to the delicious scoops that you can finish with your favourite toppings, it’s bound to be one of the hot things to eat this summer – and something that you’re going to want to get in your mouth.

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Image credit: @CookieDoNYC/Melissahom.com

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