Eat This: Dumpling and Desserts Pop Up at Chvrch of John | February 2, 2017

Prairie Pigeon and Honest Dumplings are teaming up for a pop up dinner that you’re not going to get out of your mind. Two of our favourite things right now have come together, and created a tasty night out at Chvrch of John, that you’re not going to want to miss.

What: Year of the Rooster Pop up Event
When: February 2, 2017 at 5 pm
Where: Chvrch of John, 10260 103 Street

Honest Dumplings: delicious dumplings, in a variety of flavours.

Prairie Pigeon: the best (and the most gorgeous) eclairs with flavours that are going to delight your tastebuds, and your eyes.

Show up at one of the coolest music venues in the city, the Chvrch of John, on February 2nd for the Edmonton pop-up dinner. Pop-up dinners and events are some of top picks for an exciting date night out, for your first date because it’s exciting to discover something new that you may not have experienced – and for the same reason, for you tenth or twentieth date. Delicious dates, done right.

Photo: Prairie Pigeon

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight started with a way to inspire ourselves to get out of our dinner and a movie rut. We wanted to share the many things to do in Edmonton and area, with people that may or may not have been under the impression that there's nothing going on in the city. It's grown into the go to place to find out what to do in Edmonton, a space where we share date night inspiration for couples, friends and groups in Edmonton.
YEGDateNight Team

2 thoughts on “Eat This: Dumpling and Desserts Pop Up at Chvrch of John | February 2, 2017

  1. What is the CHVRCH OF JOHN?

  2. When is the next one?!!

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