Doughnut Party? Is it Worth all the Hype?

There’s something about waiting in a line up to try something new in town that makes a person wonder whether it’s worth it or not. It took us three times of driving to Doughnut Party before we got them in our mouth.

Spoiler Alert: it is worth all the hype.

I’ve had many doughnuts in my life – you can tell this from the pile of jeans in my closet. When it comes to those sweet bits of fried pastry, you can bet I know what’s good. Doughnut Party is good. Like, traditional doughnuts that are soft, pillowy and full of fluff. Though the dough seems to be the same through each of the doughnuts that we’ve tried, I’m not complaining because when you find something that works, you work it, right?

The fritters were sold out when we arrived, as were a couple of the other doughnuts but we agreed that the doughnuts we tried were delicious, with the exception of one that we didn’t much care for, a floral tasting doughnut with a pink glaze.

We arrived to the store just before 11 am on a Saturday morning and to my surprise the line-up wasn’t out the door like the last time we had driven by. Manageable looking enough, I walked in and they had four doughnuts available to choose from, with a fresh batch of fruit punch, still warm inside the box when I opened it to share one in the car before driving home.

Worth it? Every bite.

Our favourite? It was a tie between the coconut and the fruit punch. The fruit punch had what tasted and felt like crystallized juice powder, powdering the fluffy, pillowy doughnut dough, providing a wonderful change in flavour from the sweet dough. However, when you’re buying half a dozen doughnuts, that powder will get stuck on the doughnuts beside, and change a bit of the flavour of the doughnut neighbours – something to keep in mind when you’re packing up that box to bring home.

Even hours later, after sitting in the car while running errands before bringing them to a friends house later, they were still delicious, still soft and still had that incredible airy texture, with delicious flavours. Plus, they’re a perfect size for sharing (if you’re feeling generous).

You can get a half dozen doughnuts for $16, a price that I feel is reasonable and fair, taking into account that the doughnuts are not only generous in size, but in flavour.

Find Doughnut Party in Holland Plaza in Edmonton at 10938 119 St NW and get there early for the best selection and to ensure that you’re not going to leave empty handed, and sad.

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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YEGDateNight Team

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