Date Night at… A Garden Centre? Here’s Why You Need to Try It

Greenland Garden Centre is one of those destinations that’s a ‘must do’ on your holiday list. The gorgeous decor will inspire you, the retreat will warm you up from the cold weather and there’s a great little restaurant with a Friday night special that you’ve got to try.

Friday Nights at Branches

It’s $50 for date night for two on Friday Nights between 6 and 8, at Branches. From the menu, two guests can share one appetizer, two house salads, one pizza, one dessert, and two glasses of wine. This date night special is one of those must-try, for the experience of walking through the Greenhouse and because the food is delicious.


The rustic thin crust pizza choices include Margherita, Mediterranean or Chicken pesto, and there’s a revolving selection of pastry and desserts when you visit. The fresh cut potatos and dip will leave wanting another serving and the whole experience is like a retreat from your usual, busy date-night restaurant.

See the full menu

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