Culinarie Treasure Hunt Coming to Edmonton in September

What’s better than a day full of delicious food from local ware? The Culinarie Treasure Hunt – coming to Edmonton on September 10, 2016. Grab a foodie partner and check out this adventure that will have you eating across the city!

Join teams of food enthusiasts who will be racing across the city, and solving riddles leading to destinations all over Edmonton. When you arrive at a location, you will complete a fun task, which could be anything from tasting a food sample to singing a song. Once completed, your passport will be stamped, and you’ll be off to solve the next clue and find the next location – maybe with a little foodie gift to take home too!

Starting off at the Italian Centre Shop, entrants will pick up their registration packages while they enjoy coffee and snacks. The hunt ends at Pampa Brazlian Steakhouse, where passports can be handed in between 4 and 4:30 pm. At the end of the day, there will be a wrap up party, drinks and prizes – for this event, everyone goes home a winner.

Tickets are $45 for a single ticket, and $65 for a team of two and can be purchased at A wallet-friendly all-day-date idea, it’s a fantastic way to get out there, sample some new foods, step out of your comfort zone and laugh until your cheeks hurt.

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight started with a way to inspire ourselves to get out of our dinner and a movie rut. We wanted to share the many things to do in Edmonton and area, with people that may or may not have been under the impression that there's nothing going on in the city. It's grown into the go to place to find out what to do in Edmonton, a space where we share date night inspiration for couples, friends and groups in Edmonton.
YEGDateNight Team

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