A Look at Local Public Eatery in Sherwood Park (Now Open)

Local Sherwood Park wasn’t what I expected when I walked in, quickly noticing a clear view through the open space to that gorgeous patio. On the left, you’ve got a view into the kitchen, where on the preview night, we were able to watch chefs assembling fish tacos (delicious, fresh, creamy, with some bite) and cooking quesadillas.

A glimpse into that same kitchen gave us a view of fresh baking buns, as all burger buns are made, in-house. They looked delicious.

Walking through the restaurant, I had the urge to put down the beer in my hand, and play on the curling rink, or the shuffleboards scattered throughout.

We sat down at a grouping of sofas and chairs with the ‘cool grandma’s basement vibe’ that had a few classic board games stacked up on the nearby shelf. It’s a great area to grab a couple of beers and sit, if you wanted to change it up from the usual tables.


Sitting and enjoying the space, beer in hand, it quickly came to mind as a place that could become our ‘go to spot’ to grab some beers and watch the game, eat $5 fish or chicken tacos, and try everything on the menu.

On our list so far, is to check out brunch on the weekend – what we’ve tasted will have us coming back to try it again, and the relaxed vibe will keep us coming through the door.

Check out the full Local Sherwood Park Menu


YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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YEGDateNight Team

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  1. […] Local Sherwood Park is newly open this week, and it’s the perfect time to head in and give it a try. You’ll love the cool vibe, and the delicious $5 fish tacos. Plus, if you’re lucky, you could snag the seating area with the board games and pass a couple of hours playing games with friends. our first look […]

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