50 Fun Summer Date Ideas in Edmonton

We’ve got it easy, dating-wise, in Edmonton. With so many things to do and see, and a culture of makers and creators, there are events popping-up all over the city. If you’re stuck for date inspiration, we’ve created this list of fifty dates to inspire you, or for you to make your way through, during the summer in Edmonton.

50 Summer Date Ideas in Edmonton 

1. Segway Tour. To those of you who think this sounds lame, it’s not. You’re going to love the feel of the wind in your hair as you glide through the river valley on the Segway.

2. Get your competition on and throw axes together. You’ll be surprised how quickly a couple of hours goes by when you’ve unleashed your inner lumberjack.

3. Canoe down the river. You’ve got your choice of half-day or full-day trips with Edmonton Canoe, giving you the option to work together and spend the day on the water, without really leaving the city.

4. Get on the list and get your tickets for a Secret Streetcar Show. Tickets are limited, and the intimate space of a streetcar concert, where you can have a concert from a local artist, isn’t a date that will soon be forgotten.

5. Eat everything at What the Truck?! The first event kicks off that summer feeling at the end of May, and you can even check out the Park After Dark version.

6. Pamper those summer sandal feet and get a pedicure together.

7. Sign up for the Insane Inflatable 5K Run in September. You get to make your way through a series of inflatable obstacle courses.

8. Plan a day trip and tube down the Pembina River. To make things easier, go with friends and have parking at the beginning, and the end, of the tubing route.

9. Visit the Reynolds-Alberta Museum for one of their free movie nights. Check out dinner at the diner, before the movie starts.

10. Check out the Craft Beer and Croquet date night and learn something new at the Devonian Gardens on June 30, 2016.

11. Or, the Bon Festival where you can light up the pond in the Kurimoto Japanese Garden with candles, and celebrate your loved ones in a peaceful Japanese tradition, at the Devonian Gardens.

12. And finally, a movie night where you can coat yourself in mosquito repellant and sit outside, while you picnic and watch a movie on a blanket when the sun goes down.

13. Get out of the sun and head into Table Top Cafe where it’s all you can play board games for $5, try a new game, get some candy, drinks and sandwiches while you’re there.

14. Hit a bucket of balls at Victoria Driving range. It’s a cheap date night out and you can grab a couple of beers to go with the bucket.

15. Take a new take on ‘take out’ and try the Friday Night feast at Sunterra. It’s an easy way to get a meal for $15, that you can bring home to enjoy. Bonus points for easy, since you can pick it up on your home from work.

16. Head out to a cooking class at Pan Tree where you can learn new BBQ recipes to impress your friends at those summer parties.

17. Get out and explore. Stairs, trails, paths – on bike or feet, just get out and explore a new area of the River Valley that you haven’t seen before. Need some direction? Check out the Adult Bike Club offered at the City of Edmonton.

18. Get on the ‘Lawn Summer Nights‘ event list and have a night to remember doing – you guessed it – lawn bowling.

19. Bring the party inside, and check out Dark Matters for a budget friendly date night at Telus World of Science. You get to explore the exhibits and check out fun adult-only events.

20. Hip Hop brunch at the Common. Yummy food, friends, a changed-up menu and a hip hop brunch, you’re going to want to make sure you attend one of these events this summer.

21. Once a month on Friday nights, the Art Gallery of Alberta is the after-work place to be as the gallery is transformed into a laid-back lounge with Vibe, a pop-up live music showcase to wind down your week. Plus, tickets are only $20.

22. Trying to leave more money in your budget for that summer vacation fund? On the last Thursday of the month, admission to the Art Gallery of Alberta, is free, all evening long.

23. Browse the Edmonton Night market and get a Fat Franks or dessert, you should be able to find something delicious to eat for this after dinner outing.

24. Come immerse yourself in true ghost stories around our travelling campfire, all while enjoying the luxuries of a limousine and the adventure of visiting some of Edmonton’s most frightening haunts as part of the Fireside Ghost Experience.

25. Wine and Learn, with Wine and Wildlife at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, you’re going to be able to get some behind the scenes knowledge, and refreshments while you’re there. This a registered program, so you’re going to have to register in advance.

26. Try the surfing lessons at West Edmonton Mall – Why? After you finish the initial lesson, you can hone your skills by dropping into the wave pool twice weekly.

27. Soothe your disappointment that it’s not Friday yet, by trying out the taco trio at Hart’s Table and Bar – with new, innovative flavours every week, you’re not going to want to share. At $10, you won’t have to.

28. Get out on the patio – our favourite choice? The patio at Hotel Macdonald. You’ve got that view, you’ve got those drinks and you’ve got the yummy, yummy, food choices.

29. Take a coffee appreciation and tasting course at Transcend. You’re going to learn from the experts and you might just find yourself a coffee convert, if you’re not already relying on caffeine to get through the work week.

30. Hit the road, and head to Canmore. It’s our top choice to get out of town for the weekend -w  whether your style is couples massage, or mountain biking.

31. Grab breakfast (or lunch) at Cured Wine Bar – this is one gem that you should add to your list of brunches to try in the city. Plus, the fresh squeezed juice and bottomless Mimosas make it a quick, quick, favourite.

32. Get Your ice cream rolled with Scoop n Roll, Edmonton. Get there early, or you’re going to have to wait – but there’s magic in watching the ice cream take shape, in front of your eyes.

33. Grab take-0ut from Rostizado and find a place to sit, eat and enjoy the nice weather. Our top pick? Close to your favourite sculpture in Borden Park, on a blanket in the shade.

34. Speaking of ice cream – you’re going to want to scour the city market downtown until you find the fresh, in-season made pops from Cafe Bel Air. With flavours that change up all the time, it will cool you off and please your tastebuds.

35. Throwback to the days of your childhood and visit one of the Midways hitting the mall parking lots through the summer of 2016. Want something a little more authentic? Head out of town to Vegreville, for a good old County fair.

36. Head downtown for the Mercer Summer Super Party. While you’re there you can shop, eat, browse and get entertained.

37. See how many new things you can try at the Taste of Edmonton. Sharing dishes with one a date means you’re going to get to try twice as much, until you find something that you don’t want to share.

38. Stay up late for a good reason – and take in a show. The 11 O’clock number at the Grindstone Theatre has shows Friday nights at 11 pm, and even classes that you can take. Fun!

39. Head to the beach. Get in the car and start driving. Don’t stop until you get to Slave Lake, and look for Devonshire Beach. Trust us, it’s the only beach that you’re going to want to spend time at within a few hours of Edmonton.

40. Hit the road, on a slip and slide. Get your slide on at ‘Slide the City‘, coming back to Edmonton for the second year, in 2016. Don’t forget cash, all of that sliding is going to make you hungry.

41. Watch a movie on the Square. Get your lawn chairs ready, and bring them down to Churchill Square to take advantage of the free outdoor movies every summer. Bring your own food, there usually aren’t too too many options for eating, and a blanket to stay warm once the sun goes down.

42. Get out of your comfort zone, and in your partner’s personal space, with a class like Acro Yoga, at Yoga Life Studios.

43. Get a couples massage. You’re going to need it if you’ve spent the day canoeing down the river. Though this one’s kind of a splurge, we’ve found deals on Groupon for couples massages for under a hundred bucks for two – not terrible, friends, not terrible.

44. Go VIP and plan a hump-night out for two, for only $50. You get dinner and a movie and those comfortable VIP chairs at the adult only theater, saving yourself about $20 from the regular price.

45. Eat delicious pasta to your heart’s content at Sorrentino’s on $10 pasta night. There are ten pastas, for ten bucks – and you’re not going to leave hungry.

46. Get your game on and plan a date playing Pinball machines at the Denizen Hall. It’s a fun night out, with beers – we recommend going on a weeknight to avoid the crowds (and the line ups for the games).

47. Take a really expensive wine course, or just hit up the free events at Wine and Beyond or Baseline Wine in Sherwood Park. We will let you guess which one we’re going to try first.

48. Take the day off and spend it by the outdoor pool. We recommend Mill Creek, if you’re going to go early and claim a spot before the crowds get there. Once you’re cooled off, you can explore the paths into the River Valley.

49. Go on a DIY Dessert crawl. You can start with these recommendations of desserts worth saving room for, from Baconhound. How many more can you add to the must-try list?

50. Try the brunch menu at Pampa. It’s full of meat that you’re going to want to put in your mouth. Not in the mood for meat? Don’t worry, there are other options. In the mood for mexican? Try El Cortez’s new brunch menu.


YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight started with a way to inspire ourselves to get out of our dinner and a movie rut. We wanted to share the many things to do in Edmonton and area, with people that may or may not have been under the impression that there's nothing going on in the city. It's grown into the go to place to find out what to do in Edmonton, a space where we share date night inspiration for couples, friends and groups in Edmonton.
YEGDateNight Team

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