5 Dates to Go on This Weekend in Edmonton | July 14-16

What are you doing for date night this weekend? Whether you’re looking for a cool treat, or free breakfast, the chance to explore Elk Island or watch a funny performance, we’ve got you covered.

Free Breakfast | Saturday Morning
Northern Alberta Pioneers & Descendants Association invites everyone to our Annual K-Days Pancake Breakfast coming up this Sunday. This is a FREE event. Mark your calendars and join with friends, family and community members. The breakfast features pancakes, sausages, and scrambled eggs, with trimmings. You might even get the chance to enjoy some delicious homemade jams and fruit sauces supplied by our members.

Freewill Shakespeare Festival – Pay What You Will | Saturday, 2pm
Pay what you will at the door. Walk up tickets are available at the Box Office 1.5 hours before the show starts and the show begins at 2pm on Saturday, so get there early to make sure you grab your tickets but it’s one of the last chances to see the show before the festival ends on Sunday.

Rent a Canoe | All weekend
Explore Astotin Lake via canoe with a rental from Haskin Canoe. It’s a cheap way to get out on the lake and explore and if you’re not comfortable with a canoe, you can rent a kayak. Have some time? Get out and explore the shoreline, watch the sunset. Planning ahead? Check out the Sunset canoe and kayak tours that take place monthy out at the lake, and through the city on the river.

80s Rad Movie Marathon | July 13-16
This is the ultimate homage to the decade that embraced neon, spandex, neon-spandex, shoulder pads, big hair, hair bands and movies that came before the sequel. Join us Thursday, July 13, through Sunday, July 16, as we play some of the greatest films to come out of the ’80s on the giant screen!

Bonus: Get S’more Scoop n Roll | All weekend
There’s a brand new flavour that you’re not going to want to miss at Scoop n Roll and it’s available for a limited time only. Imagine their delicious ice cream, chocolate, and topped with two roasted marshmallows and delicious chocolate sauce – I know, you’re going to want to eat it this weekend.

Street Performer’s Festival | All weekend
Head down to Churchill Square, grab something to eat, and watch a performance. There are fantastic performances through the evening, and it’s the perfect chance to explore the festival once the sun has left the highest point on the sky and it’s sweltering.

What date night ideas are you taking on this weekend?

Image: Freewill Shakespeare Festival

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight started with a way to inspire ourselves to get out of our dinner and a movie rut. We wanted to share the many things to do in Edmonton and area, with people that may or may not have been under the impression that there's nothing going on in the city. It's grown into the go to place to find out what to do in Edmonton, a space where we share date night inspiration for couples, friends and groups in Edmonton.
YEGDateNight Team

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