4 Awesome Things You Can do at the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival is coming up soon. Get your tickets for June 2nd and June 3rd festival, where you can learn more about beer, sample food and drink and get entertained. It’s a great afternoon or evening out, and comes with so much more than just sampling beers (although, let’s face it – that’s pretty fun).

Here are five fantastic things you can do at the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival –

Sample Beer (So many types of beer)
For most of my adult life, I actually didn’t like the taste of beer. I can now say, that it was completely out of trying the wrong beers, or not giving them a chance at all. In fact, one of the first beers I discovered I really enjoyed was tasted at the beer festival in Banff! U

Learn to Cook with Beer 
From cooking with chocolate, to learning how to take your recipe to the next level, demonstrations are going to give you a bit of insight into how to use beer in the kitchen, and not just to drink.

Eat, Eat, Eat 
There are sixteen restaurants attending the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival and you’re going to be able to try samples from each one of them, if you attend the show. Each dish varies in the amount of tickets required, and we find the best approach is to try everything and share with someone you really, really like.

Become A Beer Geek
Beer Geek VIP tickets are worth the splurge. As a beer geek, you’ll  have your own, separate entrance, early access to the event and their own private carpeted VIP Lounge area with cocktail tables, ample seating, drinking water and private washrooms! VIPs get free entry into their choice of seminars including Brew Master, Cooking with Beer and the Distillery District seminars. On top of all that, many breweries will be bringing special cask beers to the event and Beer Geeks get first crack at these beer.

Get tickets for the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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