12 Things You’ve Got to Eat at the Edmonton Heritage Festival 2016

When it comes to date night, we are all about eating. When that food is delicious, and can be enjoyed outdoors at one of the many festivals in Edmonton, it’s even better – am I right? Scanning through the 2016 menu for the Heritage Festival, there were a few things that caught our eye, and we wanted to share a dozen of the things you’ve got to eat Heritage Festival 2016.

Tip: Buy food tickets ahead of time at Servus locations around Edmonton. It saves time in line, and you can get to the most important part of the date (the food) faster!

Here are 12 things you should eat at the 2016 Heritage Festival: 

Empanadas de Queso | fried, flaky puff pastry stuffed with melted cheese (5 tickets)

Rainbow Ice Flakes Cooler | red beans, basil seeds with shaved ice topped with special syrup and condensed milk (6 tickets)

Mango Loco | freshly peeled mango on a stick rolled in lime juice and hot spices (7 tickets)

Fritters with Pikliz | deep-fried fritters served with spicy cold salad (4 tickets)

Deep Fried Steam Bun | 2 pieces of steamed bun deep-fried. Eat it with condensed milk (3 tickets)

Potato Pancakes | mashed potatoes coated in seasoned flour and fried served with sour cream (4 tickets)

Khubiz A’aroog |  bread mixed with ground beef, onions and mild spices grilled (4 tickets)

Bulgogi Taco | Korean-style taco with bulgogi (6 tickets)

Poffertjes | 12 mini puffed pancakes served with powdered sugar (5 tickets)

Taiwanese-Style Burger | marinated pork or chicken with vegetables, sandwiched between steamed buns (8 tickets)

Pogaca | 2 pieces of baked Turkish cheese turnovers with feta cheese filling (5 tickets)

Toston con Salsa de Queso | deep-fried plantain with cheddar sauce with a spicy kick: diced jalapeňos, green and red peppers, tomatoes and salt (6 tickets)

The hours for Heritage Festival 2016 are –
July 30, 12-9
July 31, 10-9
August 1, 10-7

There is entertainment, the chance to learn and try something new and the opportunity to sample 600+ menu items represented by 67 countries and 85 cultures. The above choices that we made based on the menu are a tiny portion! To best plan your trip to the Heritage Festival in Edmonton, print the menu, buy your food tickets in advance and bring a partner to share with – because then you can taste even more.

Find out more and see the menu at www.heritagefest.ca

Image credit: 2016 Servus Heritage Festival (Facebook)

YEGDateNight Team

YEGDateNight Team

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