$10 Taco Trio at Hart’s Table & Bar on Thursdays

Every Thursday, there’s a new $10 taco trio at Hart’s Table & Bar. It’s one of our favourite nights of the week, and we get really excited when we see the preview in the morning. Fresh, cheap and delicious – you’re going to want to ditch what you’re thinking about for dinner and put these tacos in your mouth.

Why is it so exciting? a. because tacos are our favourite thing to eat and b. because every week there are new flavour combinations that have me salivating before lunch.

Like today’s version: Grilled Pesto chicken, Bacon Scallops with preserved lemon and cucumber and Crispy Salmon with Sriracha Mayo. Doesn’t that sound delicious? The flavour combinations will surprise you, every week. 

Hart’s Table & Bar is located at 14229 23 Ave.

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